The Super Sport requires a      
full face helmet
The All Sport can be used under
any helmet or no helmet at all

Sprint Car Racing
Wolfsnout® All Sport
#1 in off road fun
Tim Wilcox, founder of Wolfsnout LLC
could not find an acceptable mask for riding the tracks and trails
when dusty.  No mask could meet the  requirements
of working well with a helmet and goggles, while not being to
hot and hard to breathe through at a fast paced breath.
So he cut a new trail.  
One that began with function first,
to let form and fellow riders follow.
One just for us.
Thousands of Wolfsnout® users make a bold statement.
They see through the bling....and their goggles

Wolfsnout® Masks are the solution!
Washable and reusable the Wolfsnouts are
always ready when you need them.
"A Lasting Value"
Made the old fashioned way, in America!
One of the many drawbacks with other masks
is the fact that they don't work well with goggles.
The Patented, under nose filter design
allows for a perfect fit with goggles.
Unlike other masks It won't cause pain
to the top of your nose or prevent your
goggles from sealing.
Your nose and mouth aren't
confined in the same breathing chamber,
giving a better, free breathing feeling.

The comfort level is amazing!

The Wolfsnout® is made from the highest quality American made
open fine cell filter foam
The most effective filter media when high air flow and
superior filtration are required.  
There is no  off-gassing of Volatile Organic Compounds as
with neoprene...No toxic smells

You aren't re breathing exhaled air With

It has double and triple layers in all the right places,
to let clean air in and exhaled air out.  
The air flows freely in and out
better than any other atv, utv type dust mask on the market,
and that is Guaranteed or your money back.

The Wolfsnout® is the only ATV dust mask that provides
positive air flow at low speeds
You may even forget you have it on.

The Wolfsnout® only covers your mouth and nostrils,
not your face and neck .

The Wolfsnout® can be removed and replaced in seconds,
without removing your helmet or goggles.
So, during those short stops you can pull it out if you like
or just leave it on.
Put it back in seconds to go again.

The Wolfsnout® is Guaranteed to be the best for hot weather,
the coolest atv dust mask or your money back.
The Wolfsnout 's patented design allows it to easily and
comfortably hold it's self in place by gently expanding between your
face and the chin guard. If you do not use a full face helmet, we do
offer the
Wolfsnout® All Sport.
It's easy to rinse out, and there are no filters to replace.
Racers love the Wolfsnout® because
You can drink with your hydration tube without taking it out.
Made in the USA.

Easiest to breathe through
Most comfortable to wear
Not to hot for dusty summers
Totally the best value
The perfect effective combination